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Explore more of Parnell and Newmarket


There is a lot of beauty, history and culture to see in Parnell and Newmarket. When you stay at Quality Hotel Parnell you’re close to all of the great attractions. Shopping, parks, and restaurants are all within walking distance of the hotel. If you’re looking for more adventure you can board the Auckland Explorer Bus which stops right in front of the hotel every day and will take you to the top Auckland attractions. Or you can take a tour any way you like. There are walking, cycling, and segway tours available. Here are a few suggestions of the best attractions to get you started on your adventure.

See the Beauty of Parnell and Newmarket


The Parnell Rose Garden at Dove-Myer Robinson Park shows off a spectacular collection of gorgeous roses. The colors when they are in bloom range from yellow to pink to white to deep reds. There are both old varietals and new roses that have been bred by the world’s best rose breeders. It’s a magical place to spend a summer afternoon.

Skycity and Sky Tower is one of Auckland’s most popular destinations for visitors. The tower stands at 328 meters tall making it the tallest man made structure in all of New Zealand. It’s a thrill to ride up the windowed lift where you can see the city as you head to the top of the tower. The views are simply mesmerizing. Once you’re up top you can take a stroll around the Skywalk. There is a coffee shop where you can enjoy refreshments. Enjoy eating at Peter Gordon’s popular restaurant The Sugar Bowl or have dinner at the 360-degree revolving Orbit restaurant.

Eden Garden is a relaxing paradise where you will see a wide variety of plants and flowers that are grown by the loving gardeners here. There is a peaceful waterfall and beautiful rock formations in the garden. This sanctuary attracts native birds and is a lovely place for birdwatchers to explore. Flowers are blooming here throughout the entire year.

Mount Eden is actually a volcanic cone that last erupted approximately 15,000-28,000 years ago, and became home to the Maori people. Now it is a destination for visitors and locals who wish to explore how the Maori built their village within the volcanic structure. A walking tour is available and the view of Auckland from the top is breathtaking.

Take Your Favorite Tour of Parnell and Newmarket


Bicycle tours are a fun way to explore the sites of Parnell and Newmarket. You can take a group tour or rent a bicycle for the day for a self-guided tour. Ride along the gorgeous beaches and stop to have a picnic on the sandy shore. Experience the native bush at your own pace or ride through town to your favorite cafes. Tandem bicycles are available so you can bring a friend.

Free walking tours are available for visitors who want to see more of Auckland with a knowledgeable guide. Learn interesting facts about the history and development of our city. Take a free walking tour of Newmarket to learn where all the shops, cinemas, and eateries are located.

Food and Wine tours are an interactive way to experience the best culinary delights in Parnell and Newmarket. A guide will take you to top restaurants where you can sample local artisanal foods like New Zealand honey, chocolate, cheese, and wine. There are also tours available that will take you out to the wineries around Auckland where you will enjoy delightful food and learn about the process of making New Zealand wine.

Segway tours are a lot of fun and an easy way to get to know the area for the whole family. If you’ve never ridden a Segway before, don’t worry because you will be an expert in no time at all. A guide will teach you how to ride the Segway you are off on your adventure. You can take a guided tour of different areas around Auckland including Parnell and Newmarket or rent a Segway for the day to ride at your own pace.

A Few Tips to Get You Acquainted


The local residents in Parnell and Newmarket are friendly people who love to welcome visitors. Be sure to introduce yourself and have a chat with them when you're out and about exploring our little area of the world. It will make your adventures in New Zealand even more memorable.

We know you will love your stay in New Zealand. Our attendants at Quality Hotel Parnell are available 24 hours a day to assist you in having the best trip during your stay. If you have questions about any of the tours or attractions our attendants are ready to help guide you in the right direction.

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