Statement regarding

September 2019

We have recently been alerted to the closure of who is a third-party distributor of Hotel rooms. 

Quality Hotel Parnell Limited has no direct dealing with Amoma, however in some cases, inventory for the property has been sold unauthorised by other third-party distributors through Amoma.

It is likely for any guest who has made a booking through Amoma that these bookings may have been cancelled by Amoma.

If you did book through Amoma please do get in contact with us to check if your booking is still valid for any future stay. We would recommend in the event your booking was cancelled to contact your credit card or travel insurance company about refunds. Quality Hotel Parnell Limited receive no payment directly from Amoma for guest stays, we are therefore unable to assist with refunds in the event your booking was cancelled.

We encourage guests to book direct to avoid dealing with third parties and to give certainty when you do book and also in the event of a cancellation that you are refunded for your stay.

Thank you